48th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation(CETC48) was founded in May 24th 1964, it is a 100% government-owned diversified technology company and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) is the parent company, it ranks continuously 4years the Fortune Global 500 list with stable turnover grow everyyear ( 408th in 2016, the 400th in 2017, the 388th in 2018, and the 370th in 2019). Check it out now on the official webpage of Fortune Magazine: fortune.com/global500/china-electronics-technology-group/. CETC48 provide innovative six major business sectors: PV/Solar including product, equipment and turnkey solution for production line, Thermal equipment for lithium battery production, Semiconductor process equipment like ion implanter, oxidation, anealing equipment, etc., all kinds of sensor including metal, hygrogen, pressure sensors for civil and military use, IC/LED, Magnetic Materials, Energy Storage,and SOI. It covers 224 acres of land and has nearly 1000 technical staffs, including 29 specialists who enjoy special government allowance, 33 research professors, 191 senior engineers.

CETC48 has three subsidiaries, namely, Beijing Zhongkexin Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd., Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Red Solar Photoelectricity Science and Technology Co., Ltd., together CETC48 and its subsidiaries formed a giant group in supplying solar energy manufacturing equipment, solar ingot, wafer, cells & modules, and solar power solutions with its PV capacity as following: PV equipments (6000sets), solar ingot/solar wafer(1.5GW)/solar cell (1GW), solar panel (1GW), solar power plant (500MW).

It is the only supplier of microelectronic device in China that is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling ion implanter, and also it is a key supplier of photo-electronics equipment which is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling MOCVD, the largest supplier of solar PV equipment and magnetic material equipment. CETC48 has the complete PV ingot/wafer/cell/panel turn-key ability with its self R&D PV equipment, enjoying 80% of market share in China. The market share of its magnetic material equipment is over 70% in the domestic market.

CETC48 has the ability of manufacturing 3,000 sets of large and dedicated electronic equipment (including 1000MW complete solar PV industrial chain, 10,000 tons of high-grade magnetic material, 5,000 tons of new energy storage material with complete industrial chain, 10,000 sets of special sensor, 50,000 pieces of SOI material and 5,000 tons of VN additives. CETC48 has passed various quality management system certifications, to include ISO9001, GJB9001A, UL, CE, TüV, NRE, etc. It is also the first special electronic equipment manufacturer in China that has passed the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification and the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. A large amount of electronic products,energy-saving products and environmental protection products are both sold in the domestic market and have been exported to clients in Hong Kong, Taiwan and a number of overseas countries, to include the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Korea, Iran, India, etc.